Invisible Sound, 2021

My entry is about the unconscious communication of two performers on stage, and the exposed negativity, stress and panic – the ugly side of music. As a musician I know myself that there’s a behavior code on stage, showing smily and ready, so you can build positive expectations to the audience. I think my message is important as it highlights and naturalise the deep levels of insecurity, stress and selfdoubt at any stage of music career. In addition to that, I’m also trying to prove how important human interaction is, by cutting the a simple but crucial element, eye contact (2nd movement). The result of that will reveal with no doubt how exposed and “lonely” a performer feels when he performs with someone else on stage but can’t have eye contact. The pandemic made me concetrate on the music making by the performers and attempt to create an experience that is for them, and not for the audience. We all have an ungly side inside of us. As long as we call it ugly, it will remail like that. I hope with my work that side becomes rather interesting and beatiful.