Acrylic painting on panelAntecendence Portraits, 201940x30cm

These paintings make up part of a series combining portraits and audio in which each person shares a memory of a journey with their father, exploring the manner in which memories change over time. The stories reveal aspects of relationships that hold varying degrees of significance for the storyteller, as well as questioning shifting identities of fatherhood. I began this project as a means of making sense of my own relationship with my father, both before and after he was diagnosed with severe depression. Whilst on a recent walk with him, I reminisced on journeys with him as a child. How could my memories assist me to come to terms with his illness? The paintings are intended to be a meditation on the nature of memory. How might it be both revealing and elusive at the same time? The brushwork oscillating between haze and sharp clarity aims to express this idea. It is my hope that the work will have resonance for other families who are affected by mental illness or are striving to manage a difficult transition in their family relationships.