September 17, 2019

Do you really want to know how I feel?

Eric Robinson

Digital printDo you really want to know how I feel?, 2019Variable..

It’s the one condition that affects nearly everyone at one time in their life to some degree or other, and if you are really unlucky it can be a life sentence. Not only does it make just living that much harder but for the most part the inner turmoil and suffering that’s experienced, is invisible to the outside world, making those suffering feel as though they are totally on their own. Living with a mental health condition where there is little to no help available, is a continual daily struggle, which for many has no end in sight. Day to day tasks which most take for granted, getting up in the morning, washing or going to work, are, for those living with any number of mental ill health labels, insurmountable barriers that exclude them from living any kind of meaningful life. We urgently need to completely change the way in which society deals with people who suffer from mental ill health, making it much easier for those who need help to obtain it.