July 5, 2020

Do you miss me?

Julia Miller

Acrylic on canvasMiss you, 202016'' by 20''

The rock near the shore seems that it may have been a part of Ailsa Craig at one time. Torn apart by storms and geological movement, it now sits alone, being battered by the unrelenting ocean waves. For me, this resonated with the lockdown caused by Covid-19 and everyone missing our families and friends. The sea erodes away the layers but, like us, the rock stands steady, inspiring our resolve not to be diminished. The clouds symbolise mixed emotions. Pinks and greens for happiness and calm, reflecting the pleasure of seeing one another albeit from a distance, and blues and greys, representing the sadness and uncertainty of the future. The suns glistening on the water joining them together, reinforcing their sense of belonging by experiencing the same environment, and the reflection of the rays, denotes that they experience the same issues. The birds carry on living around them, moving freely, unaware of any change, suggesting that life carries on, regardless of what issues others have. As the sunsets, they can share the beauty and hope of a new day. Symbolising the fact that no matter where you are, or how far apart, together we can share hope and the beauty.