January 31, 2022

Do You Look at the Mystic Moon’s Glow and See the Magic Below?

Kirsty Jayne Lyle

Wet MediaMystic Moon, 2022297mm x 420mm

This piece represents all that is magical about our space. The first visit to a new city or seeing your own city in a different light. The historic buildings created by skilled hands of days gone by. The peaceful, illuminating early morning sunrise. The glow of the sun setting, giving way to all that takes place in the dark.  If we experience the world around us, not through a lens or screen, but let our mind wander to all the colourful, magical beauty surrounding us, we will see the good before the bad, the light in the darkness and the beauty we can create alongside nature.  Like the cresent of the moon, we will become whole again. We will become vibrant, receiving and sharing positive energy like an explosion of pattern. Considering one detail at a time, we will find structure in the madness, the unexpected and we will experience the bigger picture of life in colour.  Will our paths collide, Or run side by side?

Do the buildings feel The fates we seal? Following our paths under the moon, Do our lives blend together Or contrast forever?