December 11, 2019

Do You Like Me?

Raoul MacCamley, 25

I wrote this song to tell someone I liked them. The song starts softly, as a confession, as I realise my developing emotions. The buildup, leading into a lively chorus, mirrors the exciting bloom of a new relationship. Before I wrote “Woman”, I was crossing a phase of uncertainty with someone I was attracted to, in a limbo of doubt as to whether my feelings were reciprocal. Once I was certain that my fears were unfounded, I decided to capture the story of tentative hope that was my storm before the calm of relief. This story stays open-ended, looking to the future with references to romantic dedication and grand emotions, and so maintains an overall excited optimism. I believe that, when I lay all my emotional cards on the table in such a way as to make myself vulnerable, I am honestly accepting whatever outcome may follow. In the case of romance, this has encouraged me to be a little less prideful, a bit more open, and has introduced new creative directions to my artistic subject matter.

Woman, 2019Audio, digital illustrationAudio is 03:57 minutes long / Cover artwork is 1000 x 1000 pixels