December 15, 2021

Do You Know You Have Intrusive Thoughts Too?

Adam Webster

Written wordMaithering over a Wee Red Woolen Glove, 2021

I want everyone to know they’re boring. Well, at least that their bizarre thoughts are so boring that they’re nothing to worry about! The kind of boring thoughts our brains concoct minute by minute are nothing special but what doesn’t occur to us is that even the most disturbing of thoughts – such as pretending a child is in danger (out of nothing) – are so fundamentally common to the human mind that even the most ardent of psychologist would not sweat about being told about them. Normalising the idea of Intrusive thoughts could be the difference between a young person stopping self-harm by opening up, or a Bipolar person feeling accepted by society, or helping a family member of someone struggling with trauma, or those enduring, just… understand that they and others are not so different. These thoughts are a precept in the field of Psychology but unknown in general society and this poem might just be enough to influence a change in that – at least to anyone who gets the opportunity to read it.