November 21, 2021

Do You Know Just How Much I Love You?

Georgia Boyd

Oil on CanvasJack and Tina, 202124cm x 30cm

This image represents the poignancy of mother love in its depiction of the moment of innocent connection between mother and child that is true for such a short space of time. Jack is now 14 and Tina loves him with the same intensity and totality, yet this is a snapshot from a history of their relationship and holds the question of how mother and child navigate the changing nature of their relationship to each other, their needs and perceptions. As a mother, I walk a tightrope between commonality of ideas and misunderstanding, and find myself wanting to ‘get it right’, to connect. For them to see me as I really am, not just as ‘mum’. The film Petite Maman’ explores this beautifully, allowing a true connection to emerge when mother and daughter magically meet as children. But that innocent goes quickly, replaced by the natural process of separation between mother and child as the latter develops sophistication and complexity in their inner lives and strives for independence. The realisation that you’re no longer such an important part in their lives is part of the changing journey of motherhood. And it’s hard. Another small loss, another reason to love, another adaptation.