May 29, 2019

Do you know how much you’re worth?

Aimee Brownlie, 21

You may have questioned you’re purpose here on earth, what you have to give and you’re worth. When we consider the most significant event in history; the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our soul’s worth and our true value is surely revealed. For there is no greater love, no higher price that was paid for you and I. Jesus left His glory above, dying for us and rising again victorious. Saviour, Rescuer, Redeemer. God had this master plan before the foundations of the world. Even when we used our freedom to disobey Him, He planned we would have a Saviour because of His great love and mercy. To rescue us from our sin and its penalty which is death.

Surely in discovering this truth, we can know just how much we are worth. We have eternal value, a destiny and He longs for us to be His very own, to be reconciled and to run into His arms like a little child. Through surrendering all and receiving Jesus, we receive the gift of God which is eternal life.

No greater love, no greater lover. His victory can be ours forever!

‘For God so loved the world…’ John 3:16.

Victorious, 2019,
14″ x 11″

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