January 16, 2019

Do you judge people by their appearance?

Eliza Coulson, 20

When talking to Damien, Damo, I found it humbling to meet someone unapologetically themselves. ‘Damo’, the name embedded on the ring is a symbol of respect, instantly it sent a statement of identity. It was refreshing to meet someone who had worked hard to be where they are today. ‘Never give up’ written on their wrist band, in aid of mental health awareness, spoke to me as a contrast against the heavy tattoos and piercings. It does not matter who you are, or how tough you may look everyone has their time of hardship and doubt in life. For myself I found it inspiring, it showed me to do what I want, and do what I want with conviction. Don’t let anyone stop you. Damien showed me, you may look a type of way, but that does not make you any less than the next person who comes along.

Society is full of judgement and assumption; however, you may find you’ll learn from the stories of experiences you could never even imagine. For me this is important, to never be ignorant. This piece of work asks you the question, do you judge people by their appearance? You would be surprised.


50 cm x 33cm