March 17, 2019

Do you hunt?

Liam McLaughlin, 22 | Alex Rennie, 21 | Liam Black, 20

Yellow is the colour of envy/jealousy. This emotion holds a human back from his or her full potential of loving. This short film condenses our new song ‘Yellow’ into a visual representation of a creative Journey. The question being: ‘Do you hunt?’.
Do you hunt for fresh creative experience . A courageous undertaking.
Once the characters are cut free from the ‘fear’, which envy spawns from, they can begin moving forward.
The Grandeur of the Scottish highlands stands for mother nature’s guidance and support. She is always close by, offering wide open space to expand our minds. The film exalts the splendour of mother nature. Its imagery celebrates a deep reverence for her impact on our lives.
The characters skittle through the woods on their way to creating the song. A chemical reaction takes shape, a pictorial metaphor for the experimentation of music and human connectivity. An exploration into the unnerving, yet alluring, dark side of the mind.
Fire! The flaming aftermath shows our burning desire for the groove of the universe. Which needs to exist on earth along with the freedom to express it. We wish our energy to reach open hearts and inspire further magic.