April 12, 2019

April Shortlist – Do you ever have conversations in your head?

Hayley Scott


PILLOWTALK is a collection of plays that look a bit like poems and sometimes sound a bit like poems but are very, very much plays. Sort of. It explores the conventions of drama and poetry and is something of a literary experiment that asks what happens when the two genres merge. Each of the 25 plays can be a stand alone piece or the whole collection can be performed together. The voices in each play are nameless and genderless, with the idea being that it could be the same two actors in every play or entirely different actors each time. What could be performed as one story could also be 25 individual snippets of different conversations between different people. I want the genre to seem strange but the content to feel familiar. Do you have conversations in your head, and who with? What’s stopping you from having them in real life?