June 25, 2020

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a cycle?

Thomas Houlihan, 18

The ‘Eternal Return Theory’ explores the idea of a never ending universe. One that is reborn when it burns out; Big Bang follows Big Crunch and so on.

A cycle.

Upon discovering this theory I was overcome by conflicting emotions. Both wonder and dread. Eternal life sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Even if not for us mere mortals caught up in the equation but for the life that has come before and will come after us. But then again, eternity is a long time. Inescapably long. To try simplify this theory for myself I broke it down into a cycle of four parts. Big Bang – Life – Decay – Death

Once I had this four part cycle established I couldn’t help but see it in every aspect of life. From our daily cycle, to relationships, to creativity, productivity and happiness, from the earth turning to the lifespan of an idea. Everything it seems, follows this simple cycle.

So, through this film I sought to question life in the cycle, from the pessimistic to the optimistic, and how our race, as interpreters of art, emotion and the like, can cope with being an inexplicably small piece of an enormous, ever-turning wheel.

Cycles, Film