November 8, 2020

Do you dare go beyond yourself?

Chris Moody

AcrylicRiding the Goose, 202062 x 42 cms

The intention of my artwork is to tell a story. I like that the viewer might pause to make sense of what is going on. All my work is intuitive, so I never know what will unfold when I start. This painting shows a woman leaving an ‘egg-shaped’ island to climb onto a goose’s back. There is a saddle there ready for her and the goose is paused in flight. It tells of the challenge of leaving behind all we know (our self-absorption) and crossing to the Greater Lands which is life beyond ourselves, out of our comfort zone. Are we ready to take the chance? I’m a Christian and God is the goose for me (the goose is a Celtic symbol of the Holy Spirit). He asks us to go out into the world and serve and it’s important to me that I try to fulfill this. For me, that means using art to communicate with others to challenge and encourage deeper thought regarding our role in this life. But the goose can represent whatever will take you beyond yourself. It’s not about physical journeying, as the painting metaphorically implies. It’s about seeing the bigger picture (excuse the pun!)