May 26, 2021

Do You Check Your Boobs?

Emma Burnett


As an artist I take an interest in creating work that brings me joy. I like to delve into my insecurities or subjects that make me uncomfortable, and portray them in a silly, light-hearted way. I use bright, vibrant colours, particularity pinks and others typically associated with femininity. Exploring themes such as empowerment and body positivity in my practice in a bid to gain confidence and repair my relationship with my own body.   I have been working collaboratively with women from around the world to share our stories surrounding breasts in hopes of relating to one and other and uniting through shared experience. After listening to each story, I created drawings in response, eventually having a collection of stories to be presented as an illustrated artist book. I had the opportunity to be a part of discussions surrounding breast feeding, misogyny, breast cancer and puberty. Some of which have been funny, some serious, some thought provoking and some just frankly enraging.