October 28, 2019

Do you believe that rabbits require rights?

Karen Gray, 49

The Legend of Bun Wallace is a story of (pet) rabbit welfare through the ages, with a humorous play on Scottish History. Set in Edinburgh on Arthur’s Seat it tells of the fate of Bun Wallace, a rabbit who was plucked from the wild to satisfy the whim of a demanding child; a child who wanted the ‘cute and cuddly’ pet as her own, only for him to live a short life of neglect, regardless of her promise to care and love him for ever.

The story continues to tell of the fate of rabbits through the ages, from the time when people would house them in small hutches to fatten for the pot, up until modern day misunderstanding which leads to a whole host of welfare issues for our most neglected companion pets. The struggles faced by an out of control pet industry and the rescues who help these wonderful animals find happy forever homes.

The story is not altogether ‘fictional’ as these are exactly the type of problems faced by domestic rabbits; they are largely overlooked as worthy companions. They, and the people who try to improve welfare are often ridiculed as the public’s mindsets often remain in the dark

The Legend Of Bun Wallace, 2013