January 31, 2022

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Sophie McKay Knight

Mixed Media Painting + StoryThe Ghost Child, 202255x55cm

My painting + written story explores the themes of death, acceptance and renewal through the tale of a young girl called Annie, who evolves through her tarot card ‘parents’, Death and the Moon. Told as part of a series of Tarot Next Generation ideas, my entry is examining current usage of tarot and belief systems, whilst communicating a sense of magic and hope that there might be some sort of new energy created after we die.

It is a development of my previous paintings around the theme of Tarot, which resulted in a deck of cards in 2020. This new work, created 2021/22 has the addition of written stories which I hope will engage a new perspective and understanding of these themes, as well as developing my work in a new way. It is my hope that through storytelling, art and tarot, we can address the more painful aspects of when bonds are broken and everything changes. Out of the old must come the new.