November 21, 2020

Do we want to get back to normal?

Craig Nicholson | Alan Brown, 42

Song / Music VideoSupermarket Sweep, 2020

2020 has been an anxiety-inducing year, which many of us want to end, and for everything to get back to normal. I wanted to convey some of my personal anxieties around the changes which we’ve all had to endure, but also to question if we were truly happy with ‘normal’. Drawing parallels between the ways in which Covid-19 impacts us, and the ways in which we impact the planet, I wanted to highlight the friction which exists between the capitalist world we’ve created, and the natural one. The politics of greed and power have been gradually destroying our planet for a long time, and while we all now contend with a virus which affects our ability to breath, the planet takes a breather. A preoccupation with the economy has caused us to drift out of connection with nature, and consequently ourselves, and we now find ourselves being confronted by both in uncomfortable ways. It was my aim to capture these unsettling feelings, but also to challenge where our priorities lie. I see this pandemic as an opportunity to change our relationship with the world for the better.