January 29, 2020

Do we value our Scottishness?

Paul McMaster

Song videoScotland We Love Thee, 2018

Like plants, relationships need nurturing lest we take one another for granted and our ardour cools, somewhat. This can also be true of the connection we feel with our homeland where ignorance of our country’s past, disinterest in its present or lack of belief in its future can diminish our passion for it. The perfect antidote to this, is to remind ourselves of the wonders of our land and the giants on whose shoulders we clamber to stand. A love letter, if you will, in which we sing the praises of our beautiful country and fellow Scots. Even if, on occasion, we become tartan-tinted, bespectacled gazers, we are not blind to uncomfortable truths and seek the path of reconciliation and peace. The world is changing, rapidly, and Scotland must change with it. Even now, national identity is being scrutinised and challenged like never before, as we face issues such as migration, Brexit, globalisation, climate change and, of course, the independence debate.  Whatever their impact, perhaps our guiding principle should be, yes, we are all, indeed, Jock Tamson’s bairns but, unashamedly, we say, Scotland We Love Thee and wha’s like us?