January 29, 2019

Do we truly appreciate the power of nature?

Emma Gold, 27

The unique raw beauty of nature fascinates me so much and will continue to inspire me as an artist in this ever advancing modern world. Undoubtedly, technology has it’s place and will continue to be an integral part of our lives. However I believe it takes us further and further away from where our hearts truly reside, as we have always been connected to nature. This busy modern life almost distracts us from this reminder that we are fortunate souls to be on this planet.

We must truly experience gratitude for it is the sheer intelligence of nature that purifies the air we breathe that keeps us alive every single day. It is such a privilege to absorb the sweet smell and vibrancy of the bright summer flowers as it infuses you with a sense of warmth and contentment. Then there is the sun and how it aids in plant growth and how it’s warm glow on the skin enables us to produce vitamin D.

The power of nature and how it cares for all living things is truly inspiring. It makes us feel a deep sense of belonging, something that the modern world can never compete with.


Mother Nature
Acrylic on canvas