January 14, 2020

Do We Think Enough About the Food We Put on Our Table?

Caroline Plummer, 47

We now have genetically modified crops and chicken pumped full of antibiotics. What drives these things? Commercialism, greed or the need to produce more food for our growing population? I live in a remote village on the west coast of Scotland, overlooking the Island of Jura. I sit in my rowing boat, pulling up crab and lobster from my two battered old creels. I pick pears from my garden. The good life and I love it, but I know this is a blip in society, only for the few. It makes me wonder about how our choices, however small, impact on the world. I look back at my schooldays and barely remember any puffers or food allergies among my classmates. Now our children’s behaviour is being affected by what they eat. We produce quality fresh produce and ship it around the world, then import similar products and have summits on climate change. How we produce our food, what’s in it and where it comes from matters – not just for our own health, but the health of the planet.

"Partan and Pear", Acrylic50 cm x 60 cm