September 6, 2019

Do we really lose someone?

Louise Gibson, 17

This story was inspired by my time when I lived in Singapore when I was much younger. Though the setting and locations within this story are all described accurately, the relationship of the daughter with the maid was partly fictional. My maid never died, nor was there any necklace, but the thought of not ever seeing her again felt like a loss to me. Hence why I used these characters to prove my point on losing someone.
Every single one of us has our own unique DNA, but there is something we all have encoded into us that is the same: Feelings. Happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy. I believe they are what makes us, us. While we may not remember what memories we had with them, how this person made us feel is something that none of us forget. So, just like my narrator in the story with the necklace, not to think of it so much as memories of someone lost, but the feelings to remember.

Angel, 2019