January 28, 2021

Do We Really Consider The “Products” Used In Our Lifestyle Choices?

Vivienne Masters | Vivienne Masters, 36

Our Tribe, 2020

This film was made to showcase an animal sanctuary in Lanarkshire, Scotland, however, what it really represents is the problem us humans and our environment face when we decide to use animals for our own gain. Animals are considered a commodity by most people, most see them as no more sentient than your kitchen table, however, these are living breathing, loving creatures. Just like our companion animals such as dogs and cats, sheep and pigs also have personalities and can experience the world around them the same way and can develop strong bonds between humans and other animals. This film isn’t to point fingers or to make anyone feel guilty, however, it does highlight the ongoing issue of the problems with consuming and using animals as commodities. This sanctuary is one of hundreds and thousands that have been set up in the hopes to educate and showcase the animals which our society considers food animals. This is a global problem. Educating and learning is just the start.