September 30, 2019

Do we really appreciate our oceans?

john scott, 59

Is the young Swedish girl Greta Thurmberg right to speak up about the way we are destroying our planet..?..For me, yes she is. 30 years ago thebeach areas around the coastline of Scotland were virtually clear of plastic pollution, now it is almost unavoidable, From North Berwick to Strontain there is single use plastic floatsome washing up on the shoreline…The sea is our life blood, once it’s polluted beyond repair, well our time is up…It may already be to late, the Japanese nuclear disaster after the Tsunami that caused three nuclear turbines to go into meltdown are spewing hundreds of tones of highly radioactive material into the sea every day, it may be to late for the Pacific Ocean as the radiation has spread over such a huge area and is having a devastating impact on marine biology , they have no answer to the disaster and it is just a matter of time before it spreads to the other oceans.
Shortly the seaside will never be the same again for the future generations and as the fears of young Greta Thurmberg become a reality…