October 14, 2021

Do We Overlook the Art That Surrounds Us?

Rachel Hilston

Architectural Stance, 2020

Architecture has been here for centuries and still is created and met with the same admiration. Different cultures, history and society, have shaped the buildings that we walk by everyday. Introducing the question, do we overlook the art that surrounds us? Architectural Stance is a piece developed the method of Japanese subtraction cutting and experimental draping. Inspired by the variation of structural architecture, old, modern and historical? Researching and exploring stories behind the architecture from around the world. I came to the understanding that the history and period of time when they were created, is often overlooked and ignored. My work is constructed in an subtle palette, only using white and ivory. I wanted to focus on capturing the shapes and lines of differing architecture. I want to encourage people to value the detailing of architecture, and entice them to be more aware of the art around them.