Oil on CanvasHome In A New Light, 202240cm x 40cm

My painting is of Newport On Tay harbour, looking out to Dundee. Like many people this past two years I have spent a lot of time wishing I could be someplace else. With the Venice biennale coming up in 2022, the words ‘covid permitting’ are pertinent once again in the art community.

With these thoughts in mind I’ve been looking at the beauty of Scotland and by way of inspiration from the predominantly European art of the past I’ve created a series of landscapes that encourage the viewer to look at our surroundings in a new light.

Light in this instance referring to the literal light on the Scottish landscape, quite often overlooked in the businesses of life and also the effects on the representation of the scenery when painted in a manner more closely associated with a different time and place. Perhaps first glance does not automatically convey Dundee, however the merging of an impressionist style and the familiar Scottish skyline work well together and ask us to look again at the familiar and enjoy it from a new perspective.