February 25, 2020

Do we need to have our love required in order for it to be complete?

Eleanor Antrobus

Written PoemTo an Elderly Lady in The Street in January, 2019

I was processing via the central figure the theme of required/unrequited love, and the completion of these emotions in the contrast of two arch-generations. Due to the lexicon of modern romantic culture, a love that is returned and favoured seems to be the pinnacle, and indeed only way to love. But what of the older generation; theirs was an upbringing defined by the morale of silence, loyalty and dignity. Especially in the voice of woman, her role was not to proclaim love, but wait patiently for it. Even if it never came. Does the passion of their unspoken or unseen emotions appear less valuable in a society which places so much emphasis and worth on sharing everything in the public eye? Each side of reasoning on this matter could seem unfeasible to the other, the overt discretion of one, and the seemingly brazen conduct of the other. However, I feel both sides have a merit that it is worth divulging on.