SongWoe, 2019

I wrote this song about feeling different – different from what you want to be, from what people expect you to be, and from what society suggests you should be.

I sing about feeling like I wasn’t a typical teenager, and I sing about feeling like I was great at being a child, but now I’m not so good at being an adult – for example, struggling with emotions affected by the menstrual cycle.

I also sing about searching for happiness, but not taking happiness for granted, and realising that no one can be happy all the time. I then sing about not experiencing loneliness in the way that I feel a lot of people do, and that I don’t feel like I need to be paired up with someone to feel complete.

I have all these thoughts and concerns which may stay with me throughout life, but deep down I know I’m meant to be the unique person that I am, and I’m happy with who I am.

People talk about not fitting in, and feel like they should change, but do we need to wish away or deny our uniqueness in order to find a sense of belonging?