April 23, 2021

Do We Need To Alienate To Appreciate Our Life?

Alejandro Basterrechea

PhotographyLockdown Nights, 2021

Lockdown nights is a digital photographic project. It started with my necessity of documenting the consequences of the pandemic by photographing empty locations at night around the city of Edinburgh. These images, where no person can be seen, evoke alienation, loneliness, and the need to stay inside and intent to communicate these feelings to the viewer. The social responsibility of staying inside during a pandemic is also questioned by my curiosity of what is happening inside these buildings and locations, presenting the dilemma to the spectator and helping to create a story and narrative in each of the images. These high-contrasted empty scenes recall the sense of being trapped in a post-apocalyptic world, bringing questions of existentialism, physical and psychological concerns that are crucial in our lives and need an open post-lockdown discussion. In addition, the project showcases the beauty in the ordinary of our daily life scenes, to realize how important is to value the place we live in and our connection to others.