November 20, 2019

Do we need help?!

Sofia Naydenova, 19

We live in the twenty-first century, where everything is figured out. We have figured out that the Earth is round, that particular medicines heal particular illnesses, we have even figured out how to pay for things I am not quite sure we should be paying for.

However, there are still things we need to further examine and eventually figure out- such as ourselves- our powers, strengths and weaknesses.
When we are hurt, mentally or physically, we tend to pray or ask for help. We need someone or something to reassure us we can, or deserve to, be lifted up. But why do we always look for help somewhere else?

The truth is, even when you are receiving support from another kind soul, they can never and will never be able to help you, if you don’t allow yourself to be helped.

Captivity often gives birth to the greatest heroes, for they have established themselves as such, they have crafted their strengths and developed power from within. But before they were heroes they were all just like us- wandering souls. Have you ever heard of a hero that was formed by someone else? Neither have I!