October 31, 2019

October Shortlist – Do we need any more heroes?

Dylan Moore | Leyla Josephine, 28

VideoHeroes, 2019

Heroes was written by Leyla Josephine and the film was created by Dylan Moore. The collaboration started with a mutual knowledge of the criminal justice system both in a personal and professional context. Dylan has a family member in prison and Leyla has worked as a poet with prisoners. They both worked intensively with Vox Liminis – an arts organisation working within the criminal justice system – and performer Axel Gutapfel. Heroes is a response to our experience within the context of a poetry film. Rather than force a clear cut answer or position for it’s audience, Heroes intends to weave narratives together that paint a picture of toxic masculinity. The word Heroes itself signifies a mask that many males are forced to wear, and this became the catalyst that created a vast landscape of experiences.
The film feels claustrophobic, mirroring the confines of a prison and masculinity itself. It borrows from prison aesthetic without glamourising or vilifying it. Within the film the lighting gets darker parallel to the tone of the poetry, challenging the audience throughout. The work aims to acknowledge how men are damaged by stereotypes and gender roles (which is sometimes missing in feminist dialogues) and asks – do we need any more Heroes?