October 26, 2019

Do we need a muse to be creative?

Ruby McCann, 55

Throughout time humanity has revered creativity as ineffable. If we consider creativity as a force that is the source of inspiration, and, while hard to define we definitely recognise creativity when it holds us. Homer, Virgil, Ovid and Scotland’s national Bard, Robert Burns all called upon the muses to breathe into them. In questioning the idea of the muse, I mulled over whether it was external or within? Why do we create when creating is never easy? Am I at the whim of something else while writing? This brought me to the Greek word pneuman and the Latin word spiritus both mean ‘breath’ but also mean ‘wind’ and ‘breeze’ and ‘soul’ and ‘spirit.’ Is the muse a pervasive wind blowing through me allowing me to do what earth’s elements do so naturally, create? At the root of my inspiration I feel a stirring breeze move and breathe like a spritely soul spirit harnessing creativity within. I had to get out of my own way to write to discover the source within was at my disposal as readily available as breath. And, the more I create the more increasingly satisfying the process of creation becomes, isn’t that why we create?

Scáthach, 2017Poetry