January 11, 2019

Do we learn from our mistakes?

Alistair Denovan, 30

100 years ago men and women sacrificed their lives in the “war to end all wars”. Their sacrifice was worth it because no one would ever live or die in such awful circumstances again… except that they have, and they do. Be they soldiers fighting in conflict or civilians fleeing their homes or living in a war zone. 100 years on and we hold remembrance services and create art works to commemorate the fallen. But, have we learnt anything? Have we changed anything? My bust depicts a Cameron Soldier and WW1 nurse. Hand carved in Carrera marble, the stone remains cold and white like the dead and fallen. Appearing pure and white with serene facial expressions reflecting the peace of death. The two characters look on, stony faced in judgement. unable to remark upon the mistakes we, their descendants, continue to make and the lessons we refuse to learn from their sacrifice.


Will We Remember?
Statuario marble
50 x 35 x 60 cm