FilmBright, 2020

The message of my story is the importance of evaluating how we spend our lives. Society has given us a linear structure of how life should go; getting born, getting educated, getting a job, getting married etc. and I wanted to combat this idea by exploring a new life in a condensed, repeating way. I used the idea of a cyclical life instead of the common idea of a linear one, I looked at the teenage life and new experiences for this as I feel it perfectly encapsulated the idea of new beginnings and experience. This message is crucial to me, as I feel our society pushes people into one format of life – so after research, I took the idea of reincarnation from several religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism and looked at one cycle of this life of a teenager experiencing things out with the ‘structure’. I didn’t want to follow society’s cliché of the ‘dangerous teenage drug misuse’ so I thought it was important to show the excitement of new things and the change in her norm, resulting in her being reborn into her new life. I think we should all (especially now as we have time to reflect) look closely at how much of our lives is our choice or society choosing for us.