Allegorical StoryDo We Have Control Over Our Destiny?, 2021

Do we have control over our destiny? Do we believe we control our lives, fates or destinies (or the destinies of our children or grandchildren) or are our futures mapped out before we are born? If our destinies are already decided, then why do we have the abilities and skills to change them? (Or is ‘making changes’ just another part of fulfilling our destiny and actually not under our control after all?) Many of us have heard of ‘The Butterfly effect’, so should we even try to change the courses of our lives, or destinies? Could this mean jeopardising a positive destiny which could benefit mankind, or creating a negative destiny resulting in horror and death? In a western world which is increasing faithless, can destiny therefore be used to justify the unexplained? Does it help to reason away a world full of pain and injustice? Closer to home, to understand how a political party, still a ‘teenager’ in terms of political experience, has risen so quickly to such a position of power? To justify the hurting of a child as a result of illness, cruelty, bullying and separation? Does it allow us to ‘wash our hands’ of our behaviour?