July 30, 2020

Do we give digital objects real world value and become attached to them?

Thomas Crowe, 21

This entry repurposes the myth of Sisyphus by adding a modern twist. Players must play as a grieving lover rolling their head up a mountain. The mountain represents the five stages of grief, both through shape, environment and narrative. The main character has discovered that their partner has been killed leaving only a voicemail behind. It explores their relationship with this digital message. Digital objects can last infinitely never degrading in quality, yet there is a sense of fragility. They can be deleted with a single press of a button. This fragility can be compared to human life which can be ended almost as easily. This entry explores repetition of grief and digital ephermality. The myth of Sisyphus may be an ancient story but still holds meaning within modern society.

Sisyphus, 2020Video Game