December 30, 2021

Do We Ever Truly Accept Immigrants in Scotland?

Dorothy Tritschler

Oil on CanvasScottish Mauritian, 202125 x 30 cm

Are immigrants ever truly accepted by us in Scotland? My painting is of my friend Sue who immigrated from Mauritius when she was a teenager. Sue has lived in Scotland for over 40 years, got married and gave birth to her two daughters here. She has also made an invaluable contribution to our society by working as a nurse in Edinburgh for over 30 years. Yet, like many immigrants, Sue frequently encounters racial discrimination in her daily life. Is it the case that immigrants like Sue are of value when required to fill in gaps in the labour market, yet are never fully accepted as one of us? Perhaps if we were all aware of the unconscious bias we have as human beings, it would help to eradicate discrimination towards immigrants in Scotland.