July 2, 2020

Do we create our own self meaning?

Reuben Sian De Gourlay

Oil paintThe Contemplation of Being Back In Nature 2059, 2020100x64.5cm

In understanding our meanings as human beings, I have gathered insight into our connection with the perceived reality we all experience. Everyone questions their self meaning. In order to portray this, I have used a synergy of different visual languages, with purpose to open my idea to all visual readers. For example, not just abstract art readers. Our meaning seems to matter. It does. But in judging ourself we often feel alive without purpose. This ongoing crisis is the factor of consciousness. However, it has been warped by the changes of human societies. Currently our meaning is self judged by our ability to be wilful – going out into the world and make it the way we want. The capitalist society that we created around this fitted well. This is instead of our meaning being self judged by our existence alone, and our relation to the cosmos. Contemplating our own lives in the cosmos, which is symbolised as nature, we can reach acceptance of being and rest on the meaning crisis we all face. We can move forward with a centred connection to existence being the most valuable asset to us all no matter what our state of consciousness may.