OilThe Journey, 20196ft by 4ft

My entry explores the idea of connecting with the past to better understand the present, through the journey we have taken, in order to shape our beliefs and values. It can be a struggle in today’s society to accept different peoples’ opinions on cultural belief systems because we are all different and have differing societal beliefs and values. I was inspired by Celtic art and culture, from looking at different parts folklore and myth, especially the Book of Kells, which helped me develop imagery. Old visual language has helped me better understand different beliefs and how they change through time. It is important to look back on cultural artworks, as they shape the beliefs and values of today through storytelling. I feel it has helped me grow by looking back to the past and learning from different cultural messages through art. It helps us understand each other better and grow and learn creatively together no matter what culture we are from.

“We ought to use time

Like emperors of the mind:

Do magic things that the future

Surprised, will find.”

Ben Okri.