December 2, 2019

Do we blindly judge others from the beginning?

Craig Allan, 19

Our differences are what define us in all their varieties; others may have different upbringings, but that doesn’t make us prone to inferiority nor superiority to one another. This portrait isn’t a reflection based solely on me, but a piece which explores the idea that despite each person we look at, we all secretly judge he, she, or them from the first glimpse. We’re different and can change, but we reject our differences in opposition to our mental authorities, continuously concluding others with a strong interest and no insight. This reflection is by a person different from whom I was before. In spite of my ideas of how I once looked, others will judge regardless of my representation; even if we’ve never met face-to-face. Thinking is invisible and lies will spread. This portrait should aim to show how one person, known or anonymous, judges silently whether painted by brush and/or presented on a screen. The prospect is soul-shredding, but I want to push the idea that even despite silent judgement, there are parts of each person that always persist afterwards. These silent thoughts, based on looks alone, raise another personal question: How did you judge me from the beginning?

Do we blindly judge others from the beginning?, 2019Arcylic, Water13x18 Inch.