May 1, 2021

‘Do We Appreciate The Value Of Windows In Our Lives?’

Robert Booth

PhotographyWindows On Our World, 2021

Lux Vobiscum: May the light be with you. Windows allow light to pass. They are both barriers against and connections between the private and the public realms. They also shed light on our times, tastes, interests and cultural values. Moreover, they act as canvasses, notice boards, art galleries, pulpits, shops fronts, status displays, architectural features and as democratic outlets for creativity and expression. They have an unregulated and wonderful anarchy. Reflections can add mystery and surrealism. My epiphany about the significance of windows in our lives happened when I turned around from the too painful photographing of the burnt out windows of the Glasgow School of Art to take a picture of an art student setting up an exhibition. A fire engine was reflected in the window. As evidence of the importance of windows is seen in Atget’s images of shop displays of old Paris. These record the imprint of history and the culture of early 20th Century Paris. Windows are Pandora Boxes of treasures. They build up a visual narrative of the culture of a place and of its people.