Acrylic PaintDo Trees Have Souls, 202015 cm by 13.5 cm

I chose the title “Do Trees Have Souls?” because I want to make people think about nature in a more spiritual way. I came across this group of trees one day while out walking, and was struck by the different personalities they appeared to have. I started to wonder if trees might actually be sentient beings, with intelligence and the capacity for emotions? Maybe they are sensitive, social creatures who can communicate, but we don’t fully understand them yet, or have we just forgotten how? Many people today share the view that mankind’s relationship with nature is broken, we have too long used the natural world as just another resource to be exploited for our own benefit, instead of something mystical that connects us spiritually with the other life forms on the planet. Perhaps that is the reason the environment is in crisis, if we started thinking of ourselves as equal stakeholder’s in the natural world, instead of its sole benefactors, maybe we would try harder to repair the damage we have done to the environment and endevour to find new and innovative ways to live in harmony with nature, instead of destroying it.