April 7, 2020

Do they not see the beauty that they destroy?

Duncan McQueen, 22

The Doomsday clock strikes 23:59. Australia burns. The Earths poles continue to melt. And what do our leaders suggest? To counteract climate change with a raise in flight prices. I composed this work as a reaction to the lack of concern for climate change displayed during the 2019 UK election campaign. I felt disgusted at those in power who will not part with their cash while the public worry for their future. However, this issue is bigger than us. This is not a fight to save humanity. This is a fight to salvage life on this planet as we know it. Fight for the ocean. Fight for the forest. Fight for the ant and the whale. Clear the air and the flowers will blossom for evermore. In this piece I attempt to capture the raw beauty of nature, but also my overwhelming desperation for us to save that which once lost cannot be regained.

2359, 2020Composition