AcrylicThe Eyes Have It, 2020

‘The Eyes Have It’, was created in response to the emotional climate during the 2020 pandemic. The primary aesthetic stimuli come from my studies in Art History, the eyes were influenced by a Medieval manuscript cartoon which I happened upon many months ago. The concentration on the eyes held my attention and, in my work, became a way to highlight the vigilant atmosphere and attitudes that people have adopted in order to stay safe. My choice of a blue background associates to lapiz lazuli, an expensive pigment in Medieval times which was reserved for wealthy commercial patrons. It holds spiritual significance as it represents vision, linking to the idea that we are at this time closely monitoring ourselves and the actions of others. The oranges and accompanying plumage perform as a reminder that things are continuing to grow despite the hardships, including pursuits of creativity. I believe during unprecedented time like this it’s important to navigate towards endeavours which allow you to process your emotions. Art History is vital as it communicates the ideas and feelings of any given event within history. Creative records of this time will be invaluable, this is what I’ve witnessed through my own eyes.