January 30, 2020

Do People Really Know What They Stand For?

Steven Borland

PoetryIs It Fair?, 2020

I wrote this piece as somewhat of a response to the way in which first world, British feminists conduct aspects of their movement. I understand and respect the history of the movement and think what it has achieved is beautiful but now, at least in this country, we all have the same opportunities and equalities. If anything, it appears that the heterosexual, white male receives abuse, simply for being born that way. This needs to stop but, as long as we have to walk on eggshells, to avoid offending certain groups, people will continue use a name as an excuse to oppress themselves. It might sound funny to hear but it is possible to get offended and move on from it. Take a step back, do some research, observe the actions of your group and you may realise that the only issues you face are having people disarm your claims. Now, don’t be thinking that I’m a chauvinistic pig…I just feel that everyone should have the right to be hated equally! Joking aside, please read my poem with an open mind. Despite genitals, we’re all the same, so don’t be afraid to lower your guard and spread the love!