September 19, 2019

Do people focus on loss more than opportunity?

John P Morgan

SongSomething's Beginning, 2016

My entry asks various questions of an existential nature

Do people focus on loss more than opportunity?
Do they take responsibility for their part in their own loss?

Inspired after reading the book by Jean Paul Sartre, Nausea.

Do they put themselves through more heartache than need be? Due to ego or fear of loss?

Are they too focused on preserving a perceived journey that they are on through life?
If they gave up on the distraction that is the “journey” and whether or not they are “progressing” (in order to measure progress you must first know what your destination is) would they be happier?

Realising/learning that if you let go of these constructs you can remove pressure and anxiety from your life as you learn to take life as it comes, and have confidence in yourself to deal with whatever life brings, you’ve over come every challenge up to this point after all?

Knowing that taking full responsibility for your actions and your response to life leads ultimately to contentment, and diminishes regret.

Is there a better time to try this way of thinking than right now?