November 22, 2019

Do Our Ancestors Really Affect Who We Are Today?

Mike Heseltine, 58

We have blood ancestors but we also have spiritual ancestors. We are the living manifestation of everything that has previously happened. Both history, events and all the actions of every person who has lived before contributes to who we are. If we accept this, then we are all connected and part of one continuous life. The question supposes we are separate from our ancestors. I don’t believe we are. I believe they live on in us. They not only affect who we are, but they are who we are. In the drawing, I have explored the idea that we are made up of the actions of our ancestors. Each one is depicted as a cross, having passed through death, but they are still an essential part of the continuous one life that is us. We like to believe we have a ‘self’ but the reality is that we are made up of every ‘self’ that has ever existed. The outline of the head explores how we are made up of previous lives and also the concept that we are all part of one ‘self’.

Do Our Ancestors Really Affect Who We Are Today?, 2019acrylic ink8" x 12"