November 21, 2019

Do Kelpies exist?

Charis Fraser, 24

This short story focuses on both childhood and the innocence of ghost stories.

As a children’s short story writer, I mostly mix adventure and horror to create the entertainment I enjoyed as a child. I want my writing to be inclusive to both younger readers and adults looking to regain an easy and fun way of reading.

As a child I remember sitting in my bed whilst my dad read me folktales, I remember how excited I would be, holding on to his every word, in full enjoyment of the moment . This inspired me to create this piece. The child’s point of view is an important part of the text, showing how stories and myths can impact the younger audience, influencing them to be imaginative, and maybe giving them a nightmare or two. My story helps with the regaining of one’s whimsical childlike nature, capturing the reader and making them feel young again.

The Scottish language was important for me to include. Studying in London I found that, in a way, I lost my ‘Scottish’ voice. Making this story important to me, whilst writing in this style, I brought back the dialect I grew up with.

Kelpies, 2019