July 7, 2021

Do I Use the Silk of My Cocoon to Capture the Breeze; Like Icarus, Soar to the Warmth of the Sun, Reaching Perhaps an Unintended Freedom of Sorts?

Deborah Hart

Digital Print and SculptureSoar, 2021Each Print 60.96 x 132.25 cms, Sculpture 150 x 100 x 60 cms

Like many, during the pandemic I have constantly been drawn between the need to feel safe and protected and to be free. Like a tug of war my mind has longed for the freedom of the outside world while fearing the consequences of what that might bring. One moment luxuriating in the comfort of home while in the other screaming to break free of my double-edged cocoon of silk and wire. While we long for both freedom and safety it feels like we can no longer have both. What raises us up can just as quickly cut us down however what is the alternative? Living a life where we survive but do not thrive? As ‘Freedom Day’ beckons everyone will have their own view and individual choices to make, choices that will both affect them as individuals and the rest of society. My hope is, that this experience will build a collective resilience that emboldens everyone to make choices that enable all of us to thrive.