March 7, 2020

Do I look vulnerable to you?

Gail Wilson, 29

This is a creation to men of all identities. I am not one of you, but I have a point of view on you. I do not assume that it is right, but it is. I am a therapist and when we sit down together you show me what you can. I don’t mean to judge, but to facilitate an exploration of you. I see the parts that are masking, the parts that aren’t filled in, the parts you don’t know how to show. The emotions you think you should not have, your sensitivities, your sexuality and your urges, how unstable you might really feel. Do I look vulnerable to you? I think about your vulnerability. I think about the reasons why you think you should not be this way, and why you perhaps assume that you are not this way. There is suffering every time you dismiss these parts of yourself, and every time they are dismissed by others. Embody power, but know there is space for vulnerability too. Acknowledging that gives you more. This drawing is a representation of how I see men, not all of you. I am a woman. Do I look vulnerable to you too?